Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Special occasions when grieving

Dear Readers,

Special occasions are particularly challenging when you are grieving. I believe it is because the expectations for these times are already heightened by society, the media, and even the picture we have in our heads of the perfect Hallmark card that depicts Easter or Christmas for us.

These occasions, whilst magical for many, can be very painful for those who are grieving. Shining a light on the absence of our loved one/s and what we are missing, are unable to experience, or have already experienced and never will again. 

These thoughts can cause us to feel more isolated and trigger grief to return, even many years after we first experienced it.

We all know comparrison is the thief of joy but it is too easy when grieving on special occasions to scroll through social media or get upset by seeing the way friends or family spend their days and compare their lives to our own.

Then all of a sudden you are in tears imagining the Easter Egg hunt you would have had with your child if they were still alive.

The thought of not having those experiences at all or not having them again are so painful.

I feel like if you have lost a young child or a baby, it can be especially challenging as often special occasions like Easter and Christmas mainly revolve around experiences shared with children.

It is important to be extra kind and compassionate with yourself on these potentially difficult days; knowing it is perfectly normal in grief to be touched by sadness on these occasions. 

It is difficult to let go of dreams you have for the special moments in your life.

Blessings and light,

Narelle xo

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