Wednesday, 23 March 2022

An Online World For Now.

Dear Readers,

It has been a busy couple of months supporting many counselling clients through grief and loss, infertility, mental health, and relationship concerns.

I have made plans to attend a few speaking gigs to share my book with you in person; the last one being the Newcastle Show, but it has not been the right time and things have not aligned.

I have been part of a few podcast interviews lately though. One for Relationships Australia, to support fellow counsellors to better support clients with grief and loss. Only available for staff of RAQ at this stage.
The other with Monique from Infertility And Me podcast; available now where you listen to your podcasts.

Online seems to be the theme right now for my offerings. I am still doing all my counselling sessions via telephone and/or Zoom. 

I thought I would be back offering face to face sessions again much sooner; when I let go of my practice room in April 2020, but this has not come into fruition yet. 
I miss offering in-person sessions, particularly for my natural healing modalities, but it has not felt like the right time yet.

In fact, my whole business is in the process of having a complete make-over. More information on this to come soon. Watch this space.

And as my business has a full makeover so am I stepping more into my own self-care, growth, and self-improvement and have started working out and taking better care of my physical health through regular exercise.

Thank you to my loyal clients who are happy to work with me in an online space for now. I will keep you updated as things change and shift.

Excited for what April has in store.

Until next month,

Blessings and light,

Narelle x

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