Sunday, 2 May 2021

The Baby Dream

The Baby Dream: Learning to Live with Infertility and Loss is Narelle Hudson’s heartfelt account of her experiences with infertility and IVF. This autobiography highlights her determination to firmly hold onto her dream of having a baby. It shows how her dream was shaped by society’s conditioning, challenged upon meeting her husband, shaken through many rounds of IVF, realised through pregnancy, and changed through complications she experienced while pregnant.

 Join Narelle on this inspirational journey as she travels courageously through pain, grief and joy, and experiences situations that will change her forever. Be uplifted by her messages of hope as she discovers what else is possible. 

Narelle Hudson is a counsellor, teacher, healer and author who hopes to inspire people to question possibilities, not accept limits and be brave enough to dream, live and love whole-heartedly so they can be the best version of themselves.

May is a huge month for me. My new book is due back from the printers any day now and should be ready to purchase on my website shortly at I hope you will be able to order your copy by the 10th of May.

I am also excited to announce that you will be able to come and see me introduce my book in person and get your signed copy at the YJTS Writer's Empowerment Conference between the 14th and 16th of May at the Mecure Resort on the Gold Coast - but only if you have a ticket. 

I will also be introducing my book and signing and selling copies at the Mind Body Spirit Festival at the International Convention Centre in Sydney on the 20th of May. 

Please join me at this event if you can. I would love to see you there. I will be presenting at 12:30pm in the Speaker's Lounge.

Looking forward to such an exciting month. For more information please follow me on social media: 

Love, light and blessings until next month.

Narelle x

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