Wednesday, 15 January 2020

January 2020 - Building

Dear Reader,

Wow! Only 15 days into 2020 and so much building has already taken place for an amazing year of change ahead.

Before Christmas I resigned from my job, after working for Relationships Australia for over 4 years.  This week I commenced my new job working for StandBy support after suicide in a bereavement counselling role.

This year my beautiful Son, River, would have been turning 10; if he hadn't grown his wings so soon. After 10 years of my grief journey all the puzzle pieces of the new person I have become, without being River's earthly mother, have fallen into place and I am ready to work in the grief field.

I feel thankful for my lived experiences that make me the perfect fit for this role and the post-traumatic growth I have gained to be able to give back to others. I would never have chosen this path without my son but can now see the growth that has come from my tragedy.


This month also sees the re-opening of my counselling and natural therapy business in West End, Brisbane, which I took a break from about 8 years ago to work for someone else. This time round I have so much more understanding, knowledge and experience to offer and can't wait to be my own boss again and support people in the community; without compromising my own personal values to fit the values of a larger organisation.

This year has started very busily; as I simultaneously prepare for my private practice to open on the 20th of January and complete my training and inductions for my new job. 

I find myself in a place of complete gratitude as I marvel at the divine way the universe is bringing all the pieces of my new puzzle together, with perfect timing. Karlene at 'More Bees with Honey' is working on my website re-branding at and just putting on the finishing touches. Stay tuned...

Maree at West End Wellness has been working behind the scenes to include me as one of the practitioners who will be joining the Wellness Centre team next week. 

My new work team at StandBy are providing caring mentorship as I find my feet in my new counselling role. 

I feel supported on every turn right now with time, money and opportunities. I feel blessed for all the angelic and human help I am being gifted. I feel like as soon as you trust and start making brave strides towards your true life purpose the universe assists you. 

I am delighted to see what else 2020 will bring when all this has happened in only the first 15 days. What are you grateful for tonight?

Blessings and light,

Narelle Hudson xo

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