Friday, 22 March 2019

Experiencing Baby and Infant Loss

Dear Readers,

I saw this on social media this week with thousands of responses beneath it. Just another reminder that so many of us are experiencing loss. 

It is sad so many of us go through this but inspiring that we are sharing and talking about things. This way we don't feel so alone in our pain.

Please share in the comments if you feel guided to.

How far along were you?💗💙

I will start it off with: 💚 23 weeks 3 days 💔

Blessings and light,

Narelle Hudson x

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Pressures from Society Over Gender of Children

Hi Readers,

I have caught a few conversations lately in the media, in regards to celebrities in particular, but I am aware regular people also experience the same pressure society gives around children.

We all know it starts with: 'Why are you still single?'; Have you found anyone special yet?'; 'Don't worry s/he is out there and will appear when you least expect it'.

It continues with: 'You have been together for a long time, when are you getting married?' 'Do you think s/he will propose soon?'

Then escalates to: 'When are you two having children?' 'Are you planning a family soon?' 'Do you have children?' 'The clock is ticking.. you are not getting any younger you know'. Once you are of a certain age, the confusion and strange looks are common if you do not agree or can't produce the babies everyone expects. Why does everyone assume it is always as simple as: 'we want children = let's have children?'

As if the pressure from others is not already enough before you have children. Then it continues and even escalates after you have had children. As in the article below you have a father defending why he isn't having a boy and only has daughters.

Are we really still not satisfied that we have a bunch of healthy children if they are only one gender. Can we really still be disappointed and not feel let down. Do we have no gratitude for the gifts of life we have already been granted.

I know so many of you, my readers, would not even care what sex their baby was if they were fortunate enough to even be pregnant or carry a healthy baby full-term.

As always it is all perspective but let us not force our perspectives on others.

Blessings until next time.

Narelle Hudson xx

Friday, 1 March 2019

Taking Back Control

Dear Readers,

Something is shifting yet again. I can feel it. It has been a week of feeling stuck, restless, lost, exhausted and disconnected.

The confusing part is that it has also been a week of feeling inspired, powerful, independent and connected.

There has been a symphony of emotions. The ups and downs I remember from past times when life seemed unsteady and I just wasn't sure what was around the next corner.

The last time I felt big waves of these feelings, that are appearing in only glimpses now, I felt like the only way to get control back was to shave my head.

In a time where there were so many areas that I had no control over I took back my power in the only area I had complete control over.

Of course this was a very different time. This was during 5 rounds of IVF. This was when I was trying to fall pregnant and was being poked and prodded. When I felt like everything was against me; not only holding onto this dream of being a mother but more importantly in achieving it.

Now is not such a dramatic or emotionally crippling time. However, there are a few areas I have no control over and I feel powerless to change. This time I am claiming my power back by visiting the hairdresser again.

The plan is not to shave it all off this time but to allow myself to stand out and stop being the meek wallflower I feel like I have become in many ways. To allow the fireiness of my hair to stand up and scream. To stand strong and not stand for the injustices and conformity society demands.

There has come a time for me to step out of the shadows again, as I have done in the past, after the healing was over. To call my own shots and no longer allow others to have all of the control over MY destiny.

How do you find your strength to get up after you have been knocked down? Would love to hear your techniques in the comments section.

Until next time.

Blessings and love,

Narelle Hudson xx

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