Friday, 21 September 2018

Our Universal Truth

Dear Readers,

Yesterday I posted one of my books to a lady in Serbia. It seemed so surreal to believe that one of my readers would be from a far off land such as this. Then on further reflection I realised we all share the same universal truth when it comes to motherhood, dreams, loss and pain.

I met this lady, who will shortly receive by book in Serbia, on a design website called 99 designs. I put up a request for a designer to help me achieve my dream of having the perfect cover for my book. I received many design options but when I saw the one below I just could not move past it to see other designs. It seemed perfect.

It was only after I started working with this designer to perfect her initial design ideas that she told me she was also going through IVF herself. In this moment I knew why her design had picked me and seemed so perfect. I hope the design experience was as cathartic for her as it was for me. 

After I selected this design and paid for it the designer requested that she have a copy of the book to read when it was published. As I posted the copy off to her in the mail yesterday I felt so blessed to be able to help someone such a long way around the world, with my words alone. 

It occurred to me that her universal truth was probably not to dissimilar to mine. I love the way the arts break down barriers and unite us all no matter where we are on this planet. Her visual arts and my written art - what a magical combination.

Until next time, 

Blessings and light,

Narelle Hudson.

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