Tuesday, 21 August 2018


Hi Readers,

We all have our own unique point of view. We all have our own story and experiences. Not one of us walk the same journey; no matter how similar our stories may appear.

Yes, all of us here may share a common journey: towards finding our babies in a sea of the rough waves of infertility; or in supporting someone else who is battling these storms. However, I believe every wave we experience is unique. Some are hard, some soft and others are even violent and brutal.

I know many women who are/have been struggling to realise their baby dream. Although, not one of their experiences is identical to another person's. I believe my story, 'Holding the Baby Dream' is a recount unlike no other; just as I am sure each and every one of your stories would be if it was scribed into a book. This diversity does not mean any of our stories are of lesser or greater value than anyone else's, simply different.

We may share similar themes and messages about our experiences but our expression of and reaction to our journeys could not be more different.

I feel like the picture below symbolises for me the difference in our expression of this journey more than a thousand words could describe. This picture has been circling social media of late, at a rapid pace. For some it is shocking and allows the viewer to form an instantly strong, negative reaction. For others this picture resinates deeply and helps to validate their experiences and describe them to others without words.

I believe this image is travelling so fast around the internet because as much as it is confronting it is also a reality for so many women; at least the ones who have been fortunate enough to realise their dream and have been gifted a child.

'My baby daughter surrounded by needles is a symbol of hope for those with fertility struggles'

Initially, when I saw this image I was intrigued. I wasn't sure whether it spoke to my soul and I 'got it' or whether it was in 'poor taste'. I am still deciding. But ultimately I believe this image is symbolic of our different perceptions of a battle so many of us face. Infertility, like art itself, is interpreted differently by every individual. This diversity is something to be celebrated, not shunned. Art/our voice should not be hidden/silenced just because everyone is not in agreement.

I know my art (my book) will be interpreted in many ways by the masses. But this fear of some readers 'not relating' to my individual experiences does not deter me. This reality in fact inspires me as I know my 'art' can not appeal to everyone, just as this image does not.

Ultimately I know if my words comfort only one person to know they are not alone and someone else understands them, than this is my greatest dream realised.

Until next time,

with love,

Narelle Hudson

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