Monday, 7 May 2018

Eight years later. A new baby...

It is almost Mother's Day again. For many women this is a happy time, where they can celebrate the children they have been blessed with. For me the days surrounding Mother's Day symbolise the day my son was born and the day he was also taken away. This day was the day before Mother's Day eight years ago.  

Much pain, grief and heartbreak have passed under the bridge since that devastating day 8 years ago. Time has marched on as it always does. The tears have been shed and the crippling grief of it all has softened and become much easier to live with each day.

I have moved from a time where I thought my heart would never heal to a happy life with new hopes and dreams. I am pouring my love and nurturing qualities into other projects: my work as a counsellor, my writing and my book about my journey to meet my son, my marriage to the most beautiful man I could have ever hoped to share this life with, travelling the world and my newest family member. A new baby of my own...

He is very fury and incredibly loving: RAGGLES our new Ragdoll Kitten. He makes my heart dance and swell with love. He brings joy to an otherwise quiet house after the loss of our 16 year old cat, Petals in April. If you are unfortunate enough to have your baby dream taken from you look for new joys that can help mend your heart.


Narelle Hudson

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