Saturday, 3 March 2018

How We Heal And Keep Our Child's Memory Alive

When you lose a child it is an incredible loss that brings with it great pain. Those of us who are creative try to heal from our pain and keep the memory of our child alive through artistic measures.

I found writing my book: Holding the Baby Dream, incredibly cathartic and a beautiful way to share my memories of River's short time here on earth before he grew his wings.

I know in previous posts I have shared songs but today I discovered the most beautiful song, 'Almost'; which is the way another mother, who lost her child, shared her story. This song bought me to tears almost 8 years after losing my son. It is so honest and heartfelt. Definitely worth a listen.

Many of the mum's I have talked to who have lost a child have a tattoo as a reminder of their child who is no longer with them. I love my tattoo of River and feel it keeps him closer to me.

Photos of our beloved children are also an amazing way to honour their memories and keep them close to us. I have a picture of my son by my bed and other photos in a special box in my cupboard. 

How do/did you heal from your grief and keep your child's memory alive? Please share by leaving a comment if you feel guided to.

Blessings and light,

Narelle Hudson.

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  1. Thank you for your post, Narelle.
    I lost my daughter, Holly Rose, just before Christmas, she was born and died on the same day.
    I too, have been finding ways to keep her memory alive. I agree that it seems so important to honour a lost child's memory, and if you are a creative person, you turn to whatever means of expression come naturally to you, to create memories and mementos.
    I've also been writing and blogging about her short life. My blog was originally a photography blog, but all the recent posts since Christmas have related to my daughter:
    I have printed a photo book for her. I do one for her brother every year, so I made one for her too. It has yet to be delivered (I think the weather has delayed its delivery) but I can look at the online version of the pages, and have shared them with others, which I find comforting.
    I also recorded a song for her, which was one of three played at her funeral. All three were recorded by myself, and two of them were played to my daughter during the brief time she was alive. The third was recorded specially for her, and I listen to it frequently. (You can listen to the songs via my blog on the post about her funeral).
    I am also considering getting a tattoo, but am just in the process of finding the right artist. It will be somewhat abstract and representative, based on a floral design incorporating her name Holly Rose, my son Rowan, and my ectopic pregnancy (Ivy).
    In the long term, I am hoping to create a Holly Rose garden, but this will be a project I am unable to tackle for a few years to come. I would like to include her ashes in the garden, but in the meantime I have them in a little wicker casket that was made by the same company that created her funeral casket.
    I have a little necklace with a holly leaf bought for me by my partner to remember her by. Other friends made me a Holly Rose hair ornament, and a crocheted brooch. All beautiful, and they all mean such a lot to me.
    None of these things come close to making up for her loss, but they do bring comfort.
    In years to come, I play to recreate her floral tributes every year on her birthday as a means of keeping her memory alive. I have Christmas baubles in her memory too so on 22nd December each year, I will make up a floral tribute.


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