Thursday, 29 March 2018

2018 is an intense year!

2018 is turning out to be a very intense year. Full of high energies and big changes. It is the eighth year since I lost my beautiful son, River. Eight is a number that represents coming full-circle - meaning we are coming to the end of some cycles and the beginning of new ones.

This could not be more true in all this year has already demonstrated to me and the experiences I sense are coming to me in the near future.

This year has showcased the end of a huge phase in my life. One which encompassed eight years; the writing of my story about the loss of my son. With this ending comes the beginning of the next phase of releasing my book and sharing it with others.

Only a few have already chosen to purchase my book and read it. Although I know it is not about the quantity, as the ones who have already read it have benefited so much from it.  As always in life the book has landed in certain people's hands at the perfect time for them and is helping them through their individual journey. This is all I could have hoped for.

Ultimately all I want from releasing my book is to give support to those who feel alone in their pain and to offer understanding to those who feel misunderstood. Therefore whether 5,000 people or only 5 have read my book; my dream has already come true.

Who can place a value on how much comfort my words have brought to the ladies who have already read it? One reader recently thanked me for writing my book; describing it as: 'a light in her current dark times'. Explaining that 'I understood what she was going through, when many other well-intentioned people in her life did not'.

We all rate success differently I know. But hearing this from one of my readers makes me feel very blessed that I have light to share with her in her darkest moments.

Death is something none of us are fortunate enough to escape experiencing. It is my gift if I can walk beside anyone in this place and help their journey to be even a tiny bit less difficult. 

Blessings to all,

Narelle Hudson

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