Saturday, 20 May 2017

The end is Nigh

Yes, I am aware there has been another big gap between posts. Life has been very hectic, with some doors closing and other doors opening. I have left my job and started two new ones. There is always apprehension in starting anything new and a human fear that you won't be as skilful as you need to be, to start with. It is silly really to expect so much from oneself. How could we expect to be skilful straight away when we are starting a new role.

There has also been apprehension in finishing a job I started a long time ago. Although I believe when the timing is right all things started are completed. The timing is now perfect.  My book: 'Holding the Baby Dream', commenced more than 7 years ago was completed and sent to my editor late last year. The changes needed, after my editor had read it, were meant to be completed by January or February this year. A holiday to China did delay things and then everyday life got in the way.

The editing changes were almost completed last Sunday on Mothers Day, which also coincided with my son's 7th Birthday. Twelve long hours were spent on Mother's Day doing a final read through and edit. Last night a few more changes were made, a few minor things I had been too exhausted to do clearly at the end of my twelve hour editing day, the week before. I had wanted to save these last changes until I was fresh and last night was the night.

The book you have all been waiting to read is now back with my editor again for a final copy edit. It is sometimes impossible to rush things, as much as we would like to. I believe this book is worth the wait and I can't wait to share it will my husband first; who has been waiting for this book to be ready for his eyes for many years. He has only heard me talking about the book and seen me disappear to write it; but has not read a word of it in over 7 years.

I am sure he is as apprehensive as all of you about the content, if not more so, because it is also about him.

I look forward to keeping you posted on the progress and will be the first to let you know how you can get your copy.

Until next time, keep the conversation going.


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