Friday, 20 January 2017


Happy New Year to all of my loyal followers. I spent three weeks of the holiday season overseas, exploring China so I have not posted for a while.

I love to travel! I find there is nothing like exploring a completely different country, with a unique culture, to help you put life into perspective. Travelling helps me to step back from my day-to-day and appreciate how amazing this world is and how incredible life is. I immerse myself deeply into the culture of the new country I am in and leave all IT devises at home. I find this allows me to not only be physically present but to be there wholly and completely.

I have returned, refreshed and ready for this new year, which seems to be screaming at me that what I have always done is not going to cut it any more. There is a clear message coming to me this year about having confidence in myself and everything I do and fearlessly jumping into new experiences without the caution I may have had last year.

I also believe this year is about timing, as life always is. Just as it was not the right time for my beautiful little boy to come into the world so I could be his earthly mother; it just as clearly has not been time to finish editing my book this week. I had it in my head that the second week after I returned from my holiday was the week to tidy up the finishing touches of my book. Here I am in the early hours of Saturday morning and the editing did not happen. The book is not complete.

Last year I would have been disappointed in myself for not achieving this imaginary deadline. Whereas, this year I am confident knowing the timing simply was not right. I think I have spent so much of my life forcing things to happen by certain deadlines and then being disappointed when things did not eventuate on my schedule. Here is the new me. A much more understanding person, who finally gets it. We cannot always make things happen to our schedule. Even with the strictest organisational skills or the greatest desire. Sometimes the universe has other plans. You see, life is about timing and even the perfect book may not be that well received if the timing is not right.

So, I will continue to await the completion of this book as you do. Knowing everything is on track and going to plan perfectly and not allowing myself to feel any guilt about time. I have been hearing much on the topic of infertility at the moment in the media and amongst the people I meet so I am certain the time is near.

Thank you for your patience. As always feel free to share your story with me.


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