Saturday, 16 December 2017

Holding the Baby Dream is on its way!

Dear Reader,

It has been a little while since I wrote but my journey has taken some new turns since my last post. More about that to come if you read on....

Exciting times are ahead. My book: Holding the Baby Dream is due to be released either just before Christmas or just afterwards. I would have liked it to be a Christmas gift you could share but perhaps it still will be. I will let you know the moment it is uploaded to Graphic designers are currently working on the perfect cover as you read this. Thank you for your patience in me and your faith. I can't wait to finally share the finished product with you!

I feel like I found another huge piece of myself this weekend. Wow, it has taken so long but I feel like I am closer to being my authentic self then I have ever been before; despite the hardships of the last 10 years or more likely because of them.

This reconnecting with my true nature only reached this great pinnacle by me coming full-circle. It turns out I had to return to Egypt, the place where my love for travel ultimately began. Egypt was the first country I ever visited. Although, when I arrived my tour of Egypt, I had been planning for years, had already been cancelled by my parents who were holding onto fear. They, like most Australians had watched the news and been devastated by the media portrayal of the tourist bus bombings in 1997. They had acted with fear, concern and love and forbidden me to keep my booking in Egypt.

I had tried to stand my ground and fight for my freedom to choose my own life-path. However, I was only 18 years old and my mother was financing the trip. This fact did not give me much ground to bargain with her. It was decided, without my consent, I would only keep my four hour stop-over in Cairo but would cancel my tour and instead spend two weeks in Malaysia after my month in Europe.

Twenty years later, as a 38 year-old woman, I faced all our fears and did it anyway. I booked another trip to Egypt and despite my parents, friends, colleagues and even strangers concerns; I took this calculated risk again.

I felt empowered, knowing I had no one to answer to this time. My husband supported me whole-heartedly. The travel agent assured me I would be as safe as I could be on the tour I had planned. Smart-traveller said 'reconsider your need to travel' but I felt like it was the right decision for me.

I planned to go alone and this trip felt like a 'right of passage' for me. It was a do-over 20 years later to show everyone and myself I was not afraid. Hell, I had already experienced personal tragedy that compared to a terrorist attack, in my own life, and survived.

I was adamant that I did not want fear - myself or others - to stop me from living my dreams and being my authentic self. I had never let others doubt get to me before and crush my spirit. Whilst in Egypt I truly realised how strong and independent a woman I am.

The day after I left Egypt there was another terrorist attack. A massive one where over 300 were killed, I believe. Family and friends who did not know my itinerary were panicked. Messages came from over the internet for me to check in and let them know I was still alive and safe. That ugly fear rose its head again.

On my return people hugged me for such a long time; gushing about how grateful they were that I was safe, like they may never have seen me again. Mostly I just felt sad for Egypt - a country that was already struggling to attract tourists. I knew I was protected and I had not been afraid in any of the moments I explored Egypt.

After I had been home for a week or so my husband went to Thailand for his own getaway for one. I hope his trip is as Cathartic as mine was for me. I feel it will be, as it is his first ever solo overseas holiday. I am so happy he can do this for himself. He completely deserves it, after everything he has been through with me in the last 10 years.

I have returned with my old confidence again, or perhaps a greater confidence in my self than I have ever had before. I have come full-circle. I have made it confidently through every challenge I have been given in the last 15 years.

Here I am now with ten days to myself. With Bret away I have much 'me' time to reflect on who I have become and what I have gained from my time in Egypt and my many life experiences. I must say I am pretty impressed right now with the way I have come through it all and now feel like I shine more brightly because of everything I have seen, felt and done. I am proud of the strength and resilience I have found, within myself, and feel like my life could not get better than this right now.

This weekend I have reconnected with myself and found the courage to do the final check on my book. My 8 year project is nearly ready to be read by you. I am ready to bare my soul and to have you read my deepest thoughts. I am ready to share my gift with the world, in the form of my fourth book.

Not long now....I will keep you posted.

Merry Christmas! 


Narelle Hudson

Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Perfect Cover

Hi all,

The book content is nearly finalised. The next step will be to design the perfect cover that will make you so intrigued by the book you won't be able to not pick it up and buy it just so you can look within.

You have followed me on this journey so far. What do you think would be the perfect design for the cover of Holding The Baby Dream?

Please send your comments, thoughts and design ideas to me if you feel guided to.


Narelle Hudson

Saturday, 20 May 2017

The end is Nigh

Yes, I am aware there has been another big gap between posts. Life has been very hectic, with some doors closing and other doors opening. I have left my job and started two new ones. There is always apprehension in starting anything new and a human fear that you won't be as skilful as you need to be, to start with. It is silly really to expect so much from oneself. How could we expect to be skilful straight away when we are starting a new role.

There has also been apprehension in finishing a job I started a long time ago. Although I believe when the timing is right all things started are completed. The timing is now perfect.  My book: 'Holding the Baby Dream', commenced more than 7 years ago was completed and sent to my editor late last year. The changes needed, after my editor had read it, were meant to be completed by January or February this year. A holiday to China did delay things and then everyday life got in the way.

The editing changes were almost completed last Sunday on Mothers Day, which also coincided with my son's 7th Birthday. Twelve long hours were spent on Mother's Day doing a final read through and edit. Last night a few more changes were made, a few minor things I had been too exhausted to do clearly at the end of my twelve hour editing day, the week before. I had wanted to save these last changes until I was fresh and last night was the night.

The book you have all been waiting to read is now back with my editor again for a final copy edit. It is sometimes impossible to rush things, as much as we would like to. I believe this book is worth the wait and I can't wait to share it will my husband first; who has been waiting for this book to be ready for his eyes for many years. He has only heard me talking about the book and seen me disappear to write it; but has not read a word of it in over 7 years.

I am sure he is as apprehensive as all of you about the content, if not more so, because it is also about him.

I look forward to keeping you posted on the progress and will be the first to let you know how you can get your copy.

Until next time, keep the conversation going.


Narelle Hudson

Friday, 20 January 2017


Happy New Year to all of my loyal followers. I spent three weeks of the holiday season overseas, exploring China so I have not posted for a while.

I love to travel! I find there is nothing like exploring a completely different country, with a unique culture, to help you put life into perspective. Travelling helps me to step back from my day-to-day and appreciate how amazing this world is and how incredible life is. I immerse myself deeply into the culture of the new country I am in and leave all IT devises at home. I find this allows me to not only be physically present but to be there wholly and completely.

I have returned, refreshed and ready for this new year, which seems to be screaming at me that what I have always done is not going to cut it any more. There is a clear message coming to me this year about having confidence in myself and everything I do and fearlessly jumping into new experiences without the caution I may have had last year.

I also believe this year is about timing, as life always is. Just as it was not the right time for my beautiful little boy to come into the world so I could be his earthly mother; it just as clearly has not been time to finish editing my book this week. I had it in my head that the second week after I returned from my holiday was the week to tidy up the finishing touches of my book. Here I am in the early hours of Saturday morning and the editing did not happen. The book is not complete.

Last year I would have been disappointed in myself for not achieving this imaginary deadline. Whereas, this year I am confident knowing the timing simply was not right. I think I have spent so much of my life forcing things to happen by certain deadlines and then being disappointed when things did not eventuate on my schedule. Here is the new me. A much more understanding person, who finally gets it. We cannot always make things happen to our schedule. Even with the strictest organisational skills or the greatest desire. Sometimes the universe has other plans. You see, life is about timing and even the perfect book may not be that well received if the timing is not right.

So, I will continue to await the completion of this book as you do. Knowing everything is on track and going to plan perfectly and not allowing myself to feel any guilt about time. I have been hearing much on the topic of infertility at the moment in the media and amongst the people I meet so I am certain the time is near.

Thank you for your patience. As always feel free to share your story with me.


Narelle Hudson

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