Sunday, 12 June 2016


Time has been my theme this week.

My brother had a serious accident this week, flying on his push bike through the windscreen of a car and getting up to walk away.... he could have quite easily been killed in those moments. But he was saved.

Tonight I heard that a 22 year-old singer Cristina Grimmie, was shot and killed by a stranger whilst signing autographs. My eyes welled up for the grief I know her loved ones must be feeling and I send my prayers to them. She was not saved.

These incidents remind me yet again to appreciate everyone in my life for you just never know how long you have anyone.

These incidents remind me of one of the passages in my yet to be released book: 'Holding the Baby Dream'.

Here is another excerpt that I hope will allow you to feel more understood or more open to help another who you know is going through this pain:

I understand you were only ever meant to exist in your human form for less than one hour, but I cherish those forty-five minutes more than any other forty-five minutes of life. In those precious moments I had a son and I had fulfilled my greatest dream of being your mother. I had allowed other dreams to manifest. I had given birth naturally and I had allowed your beautiful father to be a parent again with me. It was short lived! It was never meant to last forever.

But, really when you think about it, nothing ever lasts forever. It was magical in the moments it lasted. All these years later it still seems incredible that I got to give birth to you, hold you and love you. You made all my dreams a reality. I am forever thankful, as I try not to look at the years I missed, but to hold onto the precious minutes I had. All special experiences are over before you can grab onto them fully. Those miraculous experiences pop suddenly, without warning, like balloons. I was just very lucky that I got to hold onto you for long enough that I will never forget how amazed I was that I helped to create you.
I realise to some our time may not seem like a lot. To me it was a priceless gift that helped me feel complete. And still I understand how fortunate I am to have been able to know you for as long as I did. I knew you for those twenty-three weeks and two days that you grew inside me, as well as for those forty-five minutes you were in my arms and your fathers.

When your little heart stopped beating I knew my time with you here on earth was over, but I have always felt like a different person from the moments we shared. You have made me grow as a person in so many ways. Here I am nearly six years later, still growing. You have gifted me with a story, not too dissimilar to others stories, that I hope to share with the world if only to allow others to know someone else understands at least a snippet of what they have gone through on their own private journey through loss.
For we all meet many people as we journey through this thing called life. Some people stay with us for mere moments, while others occupy many of our days or even years. However the length of time some loved ones spend in our lives is not always equivalent to or representative of their value. I have had many, many encounters with some people who have never touched me in a way you did in those sacred moments my beloved son. You and I shared time together quickly but the love I felt was very real and in great abundance.

Please feel free to share your thoughts...

Blessings and Light,

Narelle Hudson

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