Wednesday, 4 November 2015

When IVF works, but preganancy does not go as planned

I share this short excerpt from my book with you all, not to upset you but to broaden your minds. To help you understand. For many, the most difficult part of the journey may be the process of IVF itself. For others, as it was for myself, the most difficult part was when IVF did work but my pregnancy didn't go as planned.
Many women, who successfully get pregnant with IVF, still have to suffer the grief of not having a healthy baby, who grows into a child. Sometimes getting pregnant is easier than staying pregnant. This is an excerpt to help you to understand these mother's grief.  
Excerpt chapter 28 - Losing you.
From the moment I awoke on the morning following the night of your birth I knew life hadn’t paused for anyone down here on earth: except me. That taunting sun rose so brightly. Shining through my hospital window; challenging me, knowing I couldn’t hide from the fact the earth was still spinning. Nothing or no one had paused to grieve for my loss; the only noticeable difference being my position under the sun.
As I left the hospital I took note of how normal everything seemed. As I walked into the hospital car park I marveled at how typical the scene was out here. I think I expected the whole world would have been in an uproar over the injustice of my loss. No-one and nothing seemed altered. I knew I would never be the same again! I felt so alone. It was like the whole world didn’t even care. Why weren’t they all mourning for you?
Blessings and light,
Narelle Hudson

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