Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Don't forget to thank your partner

During the IVF process; as you are being poked, prodded, injected and investigated it is very easy to forget about your partner. Or worse still, to be resentful of him/her for only having to watch and not to be subjected to all the procedures your body has to endure.

Sometimes it seems like it is all up to you. At times, you feel like you are carrying the brunt of it all on your shoulders as the doctors and scientists treat you like a guinea pig. I have felt like this too. It is hard not to think it is all about you when you are the one going through the daily injections and blood tests, the pregnancy tests, the egg transfers, the operations, etc.

I take no credit away from myself and how hard it was on me, as it is hard, at times it is horrendous! Although, with the beauty of retrospect I have been able to see how hard it must have been for my partner to endure all that IVF brought with it too. He had to weather through the storms of emotional heartbreak as OUR dream of having a baby kept slipping away. He had to withstand my hormonal mood swings, injecting me with drugs, having to be the main bread winner to foot the costs of our expensive adventure, as well as the continuous emotional support he gave. I am sure there were many other struggles he faced, although he was strong for me and I don't remember him complaining often like I did. He was my rock!

My journey through all of this was long and hard and my husband and I actually became so much closer during the process. Although, I know many couples find the emotional/financial pressures too much on their relationship and don't make it through as a couple.

I hope you are lucky enough to move closer to your partner on your journey and not further away. For after all, if you don't get pregnant your partner is all you have. If you do get pregnant remember to appreciate all your partner is going through and to say "Thank you" from time to time. Although you may be caught up in the struggle of it all, know it is easier to get through IVF if you work with that person by your side. Don't forget the love you have for him/her in the pursuit of having a baby.

Until next time,

Narelle Hudson

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