Monday, 28 September 2015


I am a writer and this means that words are constantly flowing through my brain a million miles an hour. So many words to choose from and still I cannot seem to find a title for my up and coming book. I have been thinking it will come to me as I continue to write the book but then I thought, who better to ask than you guys...the ones who are/have/will share my journey and know all of the feelings and emotions of this experience as well as I do. Maybe I am too close to it all to be objective enough to title my experiences. Do you have any ideas??? Yes, you!

The file on my computer has been titled 'Baby' for more than five years. During this time the process of writing this book has continued; however my intention has changed many times as the journey has progressed.

At first the word 'Baby' signified what I wanted from all of these struggles. The hope and dream that I had and the outcome I assumed I would achieve. It was a word which represented fighting and struggle. Then the word morphed into a celebratory word as I achieved my goal and became pregnant. The word was then filled with joy and blessings. Then when all the dreams slipped away the word 'Baby' became one of the most painful words I could hear. It became a word I would travel deep within to avoid hearing or stay at home to avoid seeing in public.

Now the word 'Baby' seems to represent strength for me again and how far I have come, however I am not sure this little word is adequate enough to represent all the emotions and experiences I have endured. Is any single word or string of words strong enough to label this journey? What words would you like to hear that would make you pick up this book and read it? Yes, you! Speak up...I can't hear you.

I would be grateful for any ideas in the comment section of my Blog and if your suggestion happens to be the title of my book when it is completed than of course you will end up with one of the first autographed copies.

Until next time,

Narelle Hudson

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