Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Thank you!

Thank you!

I knew this book was important when I started to write it five years ago but I had less idea of the mammoth impact this book will have on the world before starting my blog a few days ago. This book is necessary!

Already in the last few days over 100 people have visited and read this blog. I have had countless women reach out to me to share their stories; when they have not felt brave enough to share with anyone else before now. I have had women thank me from the bottoms of their hearts for putting a voice to their pain.

It is you I thank for being brave enough to share your story with me. I always feel so honoured when someone shares their truth with me.

I ask that we put an end to the silence!

The theme shining through all the conversations I am having with you all is that you feel isolated and alone in it. Let us shine our collective light on this topic. Let us share our voices so no one feels alone in it. This is what I wish to do with my book. Please help me now before the book is even released. Let us save other women all that pain.

There are so many women experiencing infertility right now. They don't have to do it alone!

I ask that you follow this blog if it feels right for you and then share this blog with others. I know you know those other women who are suffering alone. Whether you have finished your infertility journey as I have, are just starting it, or are in the midst of it. All your voices are significant and needed. If you feel courageous leave a comment that will help others just by reading it.

Let us end the silence. Let us validate the pain and create power in numbers.

Many blessings,

Narelle Hudson

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