Monday, 17 August 2015

Fertility issues

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Today I attended a Hay House Writer's Workshop. I was so inspired today that I vowed to stop denying my mission to finish the book I started writing nearly five years ago. After listening to many amazing authors, such as Dr. Wayne Dyer I reconnected with my true self again and realised it is my time to complete this work and stop hiding from the pain of writing it. I aim to submit a proposal to Hay House in December to ask them if they will publish my current book.

I have written books before, I have blogged before, but I start this new blog now as an online journal to help me be accountable for sticking to my purpose of finishing this book.

I hear you ask what the book is about and why the post is titled fertility issues. Well that is the concept of my book. My half-written book is a conversation I believe society needs to be having out loud about infertility. I know, through my own personal experiences, how taboo this topic still is and I want to shine my light on it. I want to open the conversation up and create a forum for like-minded people who are having their own issues with fertility. I know you are out there because along my own personal journey through IVF I have already spoken to so many women who have experienced the most heart-breaking occurrences. I have seen the tears of others and cried them myself. I have suffered the injections and the operations and the entire emotional roller coaster of it all.

Through most of it I felt quite alone in it. However, I was fortunate at the time to spend some of my journey with other friends who were experiencing similar things and to have a very supportive partner. However, even if everyone on your street had fertility issues I am sure no two women would have the same story.

I also understand there is no forum out there for the male partners involved in this process and I invite them also to share in this forum if they feel comfortable. Although I am a woman and even though I saw my male partner go through this journey too, I did not walk it in his shoes.

So even in the loneliness of this personal journey I wish for a sisterhood to be found in sharing our stories. I want the inspiration of our united love to inspire us to continue, as I was inspired today, to finish my book. For I believe there needs to be more information out there from a woman's perspective. A woman who has lived through it. Instead of simply a doctor's perspective, who offers the treatment, but has not personally endured it. So we feel connected in all of this and not alone.

If you are on this journey what would you like to read on the topic? How are you feeling right now? Please share.

Until next journal entry,

Narelle Hudson

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