Pressures from Society Over Gender of Children

Hi Readers,

I have caught a few conversations lately in the media, in regards to celebrities in particular, but I am aware regular people also experience the same pressure society gives around children.

We all know it starts with: 'Why are you still single?'; Have you found anyone special yet?'; 'Don't worry s/he is out there and will appear when you least expect it'.

It continues with: 'You have been together for a long time, when are you getting married?' 'Do you think s/he will propose soon?'

Then escalates to: 'When are you two having children?' 'Are you planning a family soon?' 'Do you have children?' 'The clock is ticking.. you are not getting any younger you know'. Once you are of a certain age, the confusion and strange looks are common if you do not agree or can't produce the babies everyone expects. Why does everyone assume it is always as simple as: 'we want children = let's have children?&#…

Taking Back Control

Dear Readers,

Something is shifting yet again. I can feel it. It has been a week of feeling stuck, restless, lost, exhausted and disconnected.

The confusing part is that it has also been a week of feeling inspired, powerful, independent and connected.

There has been a symphony of emotions. The ups and downs I remember from past times when life seemed unsteady and I just wasn't sure what was around the next corner.

The last time I felt big waves of these feelings, that are appearing in only glimpses now, I felt like the only way to get control back was to shave my head.

In a time where there were so many areas that I had no control over I took back my power in the only area I had complete control over.

Of course this was a very different time. This was during 5 rounds of IVF. This was when I was trying to fall pregnant and was being poked and prodded. When I felt like everything was against me; not only holding onto this dream of being a mother but more importantly in achieving it.

Thank you!

Dear Readers,

I found this passage in my gratitude journal I am writing in every day this year. It is a perfect 'Thank you' letter to give gratitude for my beautiful soul connection that I was lucky enough to have with my son, River, all be it for a shorter time than I dreamed.

I believe it is a universal message for all those we were fortunate enough to love before we lost them.

Blessings and love, Narelle Hudson  xx

Keeping IVF A Secret

Dear Readers,

Throughout my journey through IVF and infertility I found it impossible to keep it a secret. I knew many friends who did and I understood their reasons for the secrets but I could not have held it all in the way they did. For me this would have been too isolating and my IVF journey was definitely one that required a lot of support and understanding from those closest to me.

Don't misinterpret me in thinking I told everyone and anyone who would listen. I certainly did not. I was highly aware that some people could not hear it due to their religious beliefs, narrow-mindedness or simply their inability to accept things far removed from their own experiences.

Those closest to me who couldn't understand ultimately fell away as IVF took so much of my emotional, physical and financial energy; not to mention a lot of my time and thoughts, that I simply had no surplus energy to offer them. True friends who could support me stayed for the long haul and the others stopped c…

Travel and Christmas

Hi all,

Everytime I travel I feel so blessed and at peace. Travelling helps me to appreciate my life and how lucky I am to be healthy, wealthy and free enough to see the world.

I am reminded again of how fortunate I am to live in one of the richest countries in the world, Australia. I am humbled by seeing how others live and how hard they work and struggle to support their children and their families. I am also humbled by the beauty I see and how happy some people are with much less freedom and material wealth than I.

I am awed by the resiliance I see in humans to overcome all the diversity their ancestors, race, religion, gender or countrymen have endured.

Travel can be a double-edged sword at times. A reminder that I must accept that all these adventures have only been made possible because my son was taken back to heaven after only a few brief moments here on earth. Life would be very different with him here.

Travel, in Asia especially, reminds you of how important family is. Wheth…

Grief Never Ends

Dear Readers,

I haven't posted for a little while as I have had a lot going on personally. It has been over eight years now since my son passed away at only 23 weeks gestation. There have been so many tears and difficult moments where I thought my heart would never heal and would stay broken forever. As the years have passed I have grown stronger and stronger and the days have gradually got easier and more joyful to navigate. 

It is easy to believe that you have healed completely at this point until something comes up again to remind you and alas trigger you.

I was feeling very tired and just assumed it was because it is nearing the end of the year. I went to a yoga and meditation retreat with my husband so we could have some time out to replenish our energy. I received a healing treatment on the day from a kinesiologist. She noticed almost immediately that there was grief in my uterus; causing my tiredness and other digestive problems.

The therapist worked on healing this trauma…

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month

Dear Readers,

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month.                         
A time where:

We Remember... the babies born sleeping,
those we carried but never held,
those we held but could not take home,
those who came home
but could not stay

Please support those you know who have experienced or are presently experiencing this heartbreak.

Love and Blessings to all who have been affected by this loss,

Narelle Hudson